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Special offer | from hand to hand, from heart to heart:

Contemporary music industry has profound changes, today's ambient music distribution trends look more and more like "from hand to hand, from heart to heart". Understanding this I want to make my music closer to you, my dears! A new offer exclusively for my listeners: special set which contains any numbers of CDs you want. You can choose any music from my bandcamp page and make your own set, each box will be signed with your name! Also it's possible to make exclusive compilations from any tracks you want. All music will be professionally recorded to HQ CD-Rs using high-end recorder and carefully packed in digitrays with cardboard cover for all set.

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Picture shows an example of the set which I made for one of my fans. It contains:
1. Celestial Level & Internal Light EPs on one CD-R
2. Live record 12-12-2015
3. Samantabhadra album
4. Cosmonoise album
5. Spontaneous improvisation by Bardoseneticcube, A.T.M.O.M & Kshatriy
6. Live record 21 May 2016 by A.T.M.O.M. & Kshatriy


You pay only for CD-Rs: €10 each + shipping. (Payments via PayPal).

Order your own:

To order your set message me with your own tracklist and numbers of CD-Rs using this mail:

or contact me via this social links:
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Yours truly, Sergey.