25 December 2016

Upcoming event:

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12 October 2016

Special offer | from hand to hand, from heart to heart:

Support contemporary ambient music. Create your own exclusive set by Kshatriy.
With music world is better place to live!
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How to order and more info here.
1 October 2016

'Samantabhadra' becomes physical:

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You can order this album on professionally recorded CD-R in cardboard.
14 July 2016

'Cosmonoise' out now!

This is a studio album which I created based on live record of my gig on Cosmonoise fest 2016. Extreme powerful galactic noises with special minimalistic tunes comes directly from my heart!

'Samantabhadra' contain sweet update!

'Samantabhadra' Now become a full-length album!
The second long minimalistic acoustic track 'Samantabhadri' is done and carefully mastered!
Samantabhadra name means "Noble in Everything He Does", "Always Lovely". His body symbolizes the immensity of space as the nature of mind. Samantabhadra in union with his wife Samantabhadri (Yab-Yum union) symbolizes the original purity of the emptiness as the nature of mind. Their union is the unity of all in the non-duality, it is also a symbol of the indissoluble unity of bliss and emptiness. This music absolutely free of any duality concepts. Enjoy!
23 June 2016

'Name your price' download by A.T.M.O.M. & KSHATRIY

This is a mastered extract of most important part of our live-program 'Mind > Space > Awareness > Love'. Space ambient with delicate trumpet drones. Further we will work on this material for create for you a special album! Put a little payment if you would like to support us to do that. Also you will find bonus items inside this download: short video and photos made on this amazing gig.
Yours truly, Taras & Sergey.
19 June 2016

Twelve years of ambient music | A gift for you:

Hello my dears! Today a day of celebration!
Twelve years ago, 19 June 2004 I played first live by ‪‎Kshatriy‬, so this is a birth day of my project. I have a gift for you! Recording of this gig now available as 'name your price' download:
Yours truly, Sergey.
14 June 2016

A Duck in a Tree | 2016-06-11 | As Thin as the Air Imagined:

The 205th of a series of weekly radio programmes created by :zoviet*france:
First broadcast 11 June 2016 by Resonance 104.4 FM
contains 'Unaltered Mind' taken from the latest collaboration of
Sonologyst & Kshatriy: 'Time Is The Enemy'
track list:
01 Sonologyst & Kshatriy - Unaltered Mind
02 Oval + Andrés Gualdrón (feat Dandara) - Bassic Halveplane
03 Warmdesk - Not a Typewriter
04 Posset - B-boop-boof-b
05 Bryan Lewis Saunders - I Killed Somebody 2
06 THU20 - Den Haag 3
07 Later Days - Deride
08 Total E.T. - In (de)
09 Quatroconnection - Interlude #1
10 Skag Arcade & meanwhile.in.texas - The Silent Crater of the Abyss
27 May 2016

New ambient and ritual aesthetic visions:

Russia today is a multi-ethnic state with over 300 ethnicities living under one flag. Each of these ethnic groups has its own indigenous folk, sacred and in some cases art music, which can loosely be categorized together under the guise of Ethnic Roots music, or Folk music. These categories can be further broken down into folkloric modern adaptations of ancient folk material, and authentic presentations of ethnic music.
Starting from this rich heritage, it is no wonder that during the last five decades, electroacoustic experimental music in Russia has grown in a deep ritualistic format where nature’s mythologies meet the occult and the shamanic. And where electronic drones meet acoustic folk instruments beyond temporary fads in genuine artistic inspiration deeply rooted in ancient traditions. Distinctive elements of the Russian soul, also known as “dusha” or the way of explaining natural and cultural phenomena in magical and metaphysical terms, have always played a significant part in the work of their greatest artists.

27 May 2016

Gorgons Tale | Interplanetary Abyss:

New creation by yours truly: 'Interplanetary Abyss' on luxury various artists
by Black Mara Records available for preorder! Digital download for 6$. CD in full color
4 panel digipak. Includes flyers and magnet! Pre-order 7$, after official release date 10$.

2 May 2016

New album out now:

'Time Is The Enemy' by SONOLOGYST & KSHATRIY, edited by Unexplained Sounds Group.
Download for €6 at Bandcamp:

29 March 2016

Upcoming two events:

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20 March 2016

Upcoming event | DIGITAL Ethnica festival:

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Solaris lab Pirogova str. 18, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. More info here.

13 March 2016

Alchemy of Noise by Bardoseneticcube, ZHA, Kshatriy:

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More info here. Soundmuseum oficial website.
23 February 2016

Drone & Ambient in Sound Museum:

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More info here. Soundmuseum oficial website.
14 February 2016

A Duck in a Tree | 2016-02-06 | Discoverité:

The 187th of a series of weekly radio programmes created by :zoviet*france,
Сontains some sounds by yours truly.
First broadcast 6 February 2016 by Resonance 104.4 FM
track list:
01 Andreas Karperyd - Kall morgon
02 Kshatriy - Live 12-12-2015 [extract]
03 Stephan Mathieu - 1100 Full Swing Theme
04 Karlheinz Stockhausen - Kontakte – Struktur XVI D
05 Alalu - Urim
06 The Sunken Hum - The Sunken Hum Broadcast 267 – Galway Sails Knocking in the Wind – 24 September 2013
07 Weather Reporter - Inside the Rain Maze
08 Qualo Infinity - Inexactitud
09 Superbells - The Sonnets
10 [unknown sound recordist / BBC] - Peugeot 1.9 Litre (Diesel) 1986/87 Model: Exterior: Switch On, Depart
11 Alan Bishop - River Spirits
12 Jeremy Gluck - Computer
13 Pinkcourtesyphone - Winter Lullaby for Petra
14 Ummagma - 1 + 1 = 3
24 January 2016

My last live recording:

This is a mastered recording of my live gig wich happen 12 Desember 2015
at the Sound Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
It contains material for my upcoming releases. Enjoy & stay tuned!

19 January 2016

Upcoming event | DIGITAL Ethnica festival:

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29 January 2016, 18:00
Solaris lab на Пирогова 18, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Событие ВКонтакте.
More info here.

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