17 December 2014

A Duck in a Tree | So Soon in the Well

The 111th of a weekly series of radio programmes by :zoviet*france: for Basic.fm.
First broadcast 23 August 2014 by Resonance 104.4 FM
track list:
1 Kshatriy - Experience of Internal Light
2 Artificial Memory Trace - [untitled - 'Afrikaa!' track 01]
3 Was Deferenz - A2
4 Divine Bear - Patagone
5 [unknown sound recordist] - Ice Cracking
6 Enrique Maraver - Partiendo del Camino Verde
7 Canonbury - TQ5699
8 That Hideous Strength - Lullaby for Human Hurricanes

A Duck in a Tree 2014-08-23 | So Soon in the Well by :Zoviet*France: on Mixcloud

7 November 2014

KSHATRIY - 'Sunyata Research' Out Now!

'Sunyata Research' is a mastered recording of my live gig on dRЁmA-4.

In the night from 11 to 12 October, 2014 I played for the sleepers, trying to completely disengage from the everyday realities in order to plunge into a state of active sleep and joint experience with no any ideas and concepts, to plunge into the world of pure perception of infinite shining ocean-space-mind, love, energy and beauty.
Hi-End Gold CD-R + Digital download
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Professionally recorded CD-R:
Mitsui MAM-A Digital Audio Gold 24K
in cardboard with metallic photo print.
Handmade with love by yours truly =)
6 November 2014

Upcoming event:

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27 December 2014, start: 20:00
ESG-21, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Ambient music by:

Hattifnatter (Spb)
Огни Видений (Arh)
Svetlo 111 (Spb)

More info here.

27 October 2014

Upcoming event:

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1 November 2014, start: 20:00
ESG-21, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Solo drone-ambient set by KSHATRIY
and all-projects-jam-set with piano improvisation by yours truly =)

More info here.

10 October 2014

'Atmos' from 'Celestial Level" EP is free to download!

Use 'Buy Now' button on bandcamp for free download and set your price to zero,
also you can pay​ if ​you​ ​wish.
25 September 2014

Upcoming event: dRЁmA-4

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11-12 October 2014
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
ZANZA Rubinshteina st. 28

Sleeping drone by::

Neznamo (Msk)
Огни Видений (Arh)
Елена Aki и Антон Спартаков (SPb)
Ухушуху (Spb)
Kromlech (Msk)
Lunar Abyss / Hattifnatter (SPb)

Событие ВКонтакте.

More info here.

2 September 2014

KSHATRIY - 'Celestial Level' EP Out Now!

Celestial etudes for synthesizers, birds and wind ...from yours truly.
26 August 2014

Published two live recordings:

19 June 2004, ESG-21, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
23 October 2010, cultural center "DOM", Moscow, Russia
4 August 2014

KSHATRIY - 'Internal Light' EP Out Now!

'Internal Light' EP by KSHATRIY:
Two long psychedelic drone tracks will inevitably lead your mind to the clarity.
Avaliable now for digital download on my bandcamp page.
2 August 2014

KSHATRIY - 'Shifting Waves' in podcast by :zoviet*france: for Basic.fm

track list:
01 Posset - French Geology
02 Boards of Canada - Ataronchronon
03 Kshatriy - Shifting Waves
04 D_Rradio - See for the Last Time
05 In Be Tween Noise - Etaropave
06 The Hafler Trio - A Circle of Salt
07 Lynlee - 877 Miles
08 Lynlee - Abstract Absurdism
09 Lynlee - Beauty Was Everywhere
10 Lynlee - So Long July
11 Lynlee - MongSang
12 Lynlee - The Taste of Rainy Dawn
13 Lynlee - The Day Ends Softly

A Duck in a Tree 2014-05-24 | Spring Reverberates by :Zoviet*France: on Mixcloud

26 July 2014

KSHATRIY ambient live & psytrance dj-set @ Abstraction Festival

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5-7 сентября 2014
Санкт-Петербург, Россия

- Electric Universe
- Pan Psychic
- Stealth
- Psyfactor
- Shinboku
- Propagul
- Spinningtop
- Materia Lucida
- Galaxy
- Astronaut Ape
- Psyfactor
- Aedem
- Electro Dub Company
- Soiled
- Alexander Daf
- Kayatma
- More Mushrooms
- EDD-989
- Teplo
- Adubtors
- Kadang

- Tomas303
- Gabriel
- Unitone
- Will
- Sure
- FreeZbee
- Yaleeni
- Hysterical mind
- dr. Mozzg
- Anneszia
- Czesslove
- Fluorolotus

Событие ВКонтакте.

6 July 2014

Upcoming event: Visionary art gathering

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12 июля 2014
Санкт-Петербург, Россия
ДК МИР (пер. Пирогова, 18, м.Садовая)

Выставка психоделического искусства;
в Большом зале всю ночь музыка
от проектов:

- Язык Птиц/Andy Quark
- A.T.M.O.M
- Sasha Rushmo
- Lunar Abyss
- Огни Видений
- North hive
- Akinesia
- Unlogic Thing

Событие ВКонтакте.

19 June 2014


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On June 19th, 2004 there was the first ever live performance of KSHATRIY project – now it’s been exactly 10 years – and for this moment I have prepared the special offering for those willing to become known with my music “at full scale”.
All three albums on CD and one of the best live recordings on a pro-CDR released by
Muzyka Voln label, now you can buy in one box-set with a special price:

€ 25

Postage not included.
Available for order on my bandcamp page.
In the box:
"Slepok Soznaniya" CD, digipak, MV-II
"Transforming Glaxy" CD, digipak, MV-V
"Transforming Glaxy" Live CD-R
"From Heart To Heart" CD, digipak, MV-VII

example graphicSpecial thanks to Sergey Busov, founder of ESG-21 for helping and support in my first gig.

13 May 2014


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Limited Edition CDR + Download
This recording is my the first finished studio material.
Initially it was released as a small CD-R edition. This year the album was taken out of the archives, remixed and remastered and we are pleased to introduce it to your attention in a renewed form.
Cold, dark and empty cosmic-scale spaces turn into rare oases of living pulsations but this illusion of immersion in organic matter doesn't last long and dissolves in endless flows of sonic winds.
The album features almost no melodic lines but its fractal-patterned structure gives the music the magical power that allows to keep the listener's attention captured throughout this short trip.
The physical release is made on quality pro-CDRs in an edition of 77 copies in a sleeve of designer silvery cardboard.
7 May 2014


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More info here.

Событие ВКонтакте.

15 April 2014

2 upcoming events:

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2 Мая 2014 | 19:00 | Москва | клуб «Art-Garbage»: Старосадский пер. д.5
при поддержке: NEZNAMO, FANUM.

4 Мая 2014 | 20:00 | Волгоград | клуб «ИКРА»: Набережная 62-ой Армии, 6 (Речной Вокзал, 2-ой уровень)
при поддержке: X3D5 & DR. ROADIE, LACRIMA VENENE.

31 March 2014

Upcoming event: COSMONOISE 2014

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12 April 2014, Start: 19:00


Video: Vj Yuriy Elik
Art: Нил Эксколор

'Capella' club, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Facebook event page here.
Событие ВКонтакте.

7 March 2014

Upcoming event: Meditation Ambient Evening

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15 March 2014

- A.T.M.O.M.

ESG-21, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

More info here.

20 February 2014

Very special upcoming event!

example graphic 1 March 2014

ESG-21, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Good russian tradition Maslenitsa celebrated with big live-jam "Russian-Droning".
With members of all this projects:

Боровик Ералаш, Мхи, Kshatriy, Sal Solaris, Оцепеневшие, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Rajfajh, Стыдобища, Codexx Оcculta, Svetlo, Maruun, Toxi-X, A.T.M.O.M, Lunar Abyss, Шумы России, Электо Индустрия

More info here.

30 January 2014



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You can download the full album: here

The LP-series from Drone Records, dedicated to the Drones of the World, and the Drones of our Minds. A kind of continuation of the Drone 7"-series on a more user-friendly format. Each LP features four artists from the international drone-scene and is limited to 500 copies, pressed on four different vinyl-colours. Vol. 3: JIM HAYNES (USA), MANINKARI (France), KSHATRIY (Russia), EXIT IN GREY (Russia). stunning artwork paintings by British artist PETE GREENING, design by TILMANN BENNINGHAUS.

All tracks mastered by Sergey Uak-Kib.

connect to Drone Records fan page on Facebook

JIM HAYNES: psychogeographical drones of rust and decay. This highly interesting sound-artist from San Francisco (also active as painter, label-manager, & writer) is focused on the unpredictable processes of rust & decay in connection with the perception of time. For his contribution "He stopped at a picture..." to the re-newed Drone Rec-series he is using field recordings from a world war 2 era radar outpost (located near the Golden Gate Bridge), combined with shortwave, motors, wire-tapping microphones, analogue electric sounds.. => a breathtaking experimental & raw drone-collage, full of tension & almost dramatic suction, sound of " psychic loss & american paranoia" (JIM HAYNES).

EXIT IN GREY: timeless natural drones. The main project of Russian Sergey [S] from the Moscow-area (who is also active as FIVE ELEMENTS MUSIC & SISTER LOOLOMIE) is mesmerizing the listeners since years with small & handmade editions of emotional daydream-drones, intuitively woven together with guitar, field recordings & analog synths. The long piece "Drawn by Memory/The Wind 2012" is a perfect example of his skills and creates with minimal instrumental & natural sound-sources an atmosphere of timelessness and nostalgia.

KSHATRIY : dark psychedelic (higher?) consciousness drones. KSHATRIY means 'warrior' in Sanskrit and expresses the artists believe in the universal power of sound. Hailing from the fascinating St. Petersburg scene in Russia comes this "fractal dark drone ambient' project, especially focused on cosmic/transpersonal consciousness themes - these "Shifting Waves" sound secretful & mysterious with a phantastic spatial sound-quality (open to both digital & analogue sound sources) for the perfect cosmic mind-movie.

MANINKARI : handplayed / instrumental trance drones. This French duo (consisting of two twin-brothers from Paris) has blown us away with their captivating "handplayed" instrumental drone music, with influences from various styles like Jazz, Art Rock and Classical Music, combining improvisation and composition. Often based on percussion & strings, they look at their sound as a spiritual tool causing a disorder of the mind, a 'visible' transformation of the uncontrollable dreams & their own subsconscious. The two pieces "Enstase 1 & 2" sound at the same time subtle, airy and dense using a suprising instrumentation, and show impressively one of the possible new directions of drone music.

= four projects that differ considerably from each other, but united through the idea of the power of the Drone.

~ The drones of their minds "materialized" ~

~ The "intelligence" of drones materialized ~

four vinyl-colours, each 125 x: WHITE & GREEN MIXED // BLACK // MIXED YELLOW RED // CHRYSTAL CLEAR & WHITE MIXED. design by Tilmann Benninghaus (Berlin) using bronce-colour & UV gloss.

5 January 2014

New video in "Live Documents"

KSHATRIY live in Place club, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 25 October 2013: watch now

Videomix: vj Yuri Elik

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