'Samantabhadra' CD ltd.300, Kshatriy Productions | Cassette ltd.50 Attenuation Circuit

Samantabhadra name means "Noble in Everything He Does", "Always Lovely". His body symbolizes the immensity of space as the nature of mind. Samantabhadra in union with his wife Samantabhadri (Yab-Yum union) symbolizes the original purity of the emptiness as the nature of mind. Their union is the unity of all in the non-duality, it is also a symbol of the indissoluble unity of bliss and emptiness. This music absolutely free of any duality concepts.
1. Samantabhadra
2. Samantabhadri
total length: 53:50
released January 20, 2017.
Limited Edition CD + Download
Limited Edition Cassette + Download

'Sunyata Research' CD ltd.300, Kshatriy Productions

This is a mastered recording of my live gig on dRЁmA-4. In the night from 11 to 12 October, 2014 I played for the sleepers, trying to completely disengage from the everyday realities in order to plunge into a state of active sleep and joint experience with no any ideas and concepts, to plunge into the world of pure perception of infinite shining ocean-space-mind.
1. Sunyata Research
total length: 51:44
released January 10, 2017.
Limited Edition CD + Download

Special Set: 'From hand to hand, from heart to heart'

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'Time Is The Enemy' Tape ltd.50, Attenuation Circuit, MV-VII

This is collaboration between Sonologyst & Kshatriy. Mature sound where stylistic developments are on the moderate and gradual side. This is an accomplished work with the recurrent theme of time as its main focus and a seamlessly shared vision by two artists in control of their medium.
1. Unaltered Mind
2. Venus Smile
3. Self Luminosity
4. Chronopolis
5. Time is the Enemy
total length: 48:14
released April 30, 2016.
Limited Edition Cassette + Download

'Box-Set 2014'

Three albums set packaged in the cardboard with gold stencil, hand-signed.
1. "Slepok Soznaniya" CD, digipak
2. "Transforming Glaxy" CD, digipak
3. "From Heart To Heart" CD, digipak

+ bonus: CD-R with full-length recording of of live gig, made on October 23, 2010 at "DOM" cultural center, Moscow, Russia.
total length: 4:34:52
released October 4, 2014.
Boxed Edition + Download

'From Heart To Heart' CD ltd.500, Muzyka Voln, MV-VII

Everything takes place in immense emptiness that contains the whole world. Swinging on slow waves which shimmer in all possible colours we contemplate monumental galactic metamorphoses. Slowly unwinding are the tight spirals of drone, rhythmic patterns pulsate and emotional melodies are cut with rare flashes of voices. Smoothly flows the sound, charged with energy, transmitting the experience of self-awareness from the musician to the listener... from heart to heart.
1. Sacred Dimension
2. Solar Wind
3. Crystal Hand
4. Rainbow Serpent
5. Possible Planet
6. From Heart to Heart
total length: 59:46
released February 28, 2013.
Limited Edition CD + Download
Boxed edition

'Transforming Galaxy' CD, ltd.500, Muzyka Voln, MV-V

Crystal clear multi layer sound, transparency with mild and sometimes uneasy melodies. Soft organic tracks full of plangent drones, noises and natural recordings neighbor with dense and saturated hymns to Kali. The album is closed by a beautiful lyrical composition reminding us that the best way to overcome ignorance and realize unity is Love.
1. Initiation into The Higher Self
2. The Song of The Unknown
3. Omut
4. Awakening
5. Transforming Galaxy
6. Hymn to Kali (part 2)
7. Hymn to Kali (part 3)
8. Love is the Key
total length: 77:55
released March 17, 2012.
Limited Edition CD + Download
HQ Photo print on a wooden plate
Boxed edition

'Slepok Soznaniya' CD, ltd.500, Muzyka Voln, MV-II

Fractal dark drone ambient with lots of patterns, woven from various sonic fibres: synthesized drones, processed field recordings, acoustic echoes and rhythmic loops. Calm and profound, filled with resilience and hidden power, like an endless ocean of tranquility, energy and beauty.
1. Way of The Warrior
2. Magic Forest
3. The Spirits
4. Loki
5. Lights
6. Hymn to Kali (part 1)
7. Space Travel
8. Mother-Earth
9. Moment of Truth
total length: 62:03
released October 13, 2009.

Limited Edition CD + Download
Boxed edition

'Untitled' CD-R, ltd.77, Zhelezobeton, ZHB-XL

Cold, dark and empty cosmic-scale spaces turn into rare oases of living pulsations but this illusion of immersion in organic matter doesn't last long and dissolves in endless flows of sonic winds. The album features almost no melodic lines but its fractal-patterned structure gives the music the magical power that allows to keep the listener's attention captured throughout this short trip.
1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III
4. Part IV
total length: 35:05
released April 22, 2014.

Limited Edition CD-R + Download

'Mushrooms and Kshatriy' CD-R, ltd.77, Zhelezobeton, ZHB-LI

Intuitive contemplation of the most secret levels of consciousness dissolved in space. Those who are familiar with Kshatriy's sound will hear his trademark features, but overall this album sounds more experimental than his later works. Instead of dense flows of thick cosmic ambience space is filled with weird abstract forms and flickering electronic collages. Psychedelic atmosphere, psychoactive sound.
1. Growing mushrooms
2. Flying mushrooms
3. Curious mushrooms
4. Crying mushrooms
5. Angry mushrooms
6. Psychoactive mushrooms
7. Walking mushrooms
8. Magic mushrooms
9. Dying mushrooms
total length: 51:44
released July 27, 2015.
Limited Edition CD-R + Download

'TaeT' CD, ltd.484, Vetvei Label, V07

This is a collaboration with Vresnit. A retrospective journey by the bird through smells of melting herb songs and contemplations of the mysteries of Life. They are flowed away by Water, from the Ice to the boundless lakes dancing in mosses. Following to the Forge of Earth, walking the dense forests, winds and marshes, meeting the Heart Guardians. All the cycles of nature follow each other, Fire goes to Water and Earth goes to Heaven. Cosmos swaddle the birds flying toward dawn. All invocations in the name of Life. Many praising voices of people and animals merged into a rhythm that glorify the Natural Order, eternal and endless. Field recorgings, woodwinds, strings, percussions and drums, voices, tape noises and electronics was used in this work.They're all merged into a single timeless canvas. Cosmic primordial drone ambient.
1. Taet
total length: 48:40
released November 2, 2009.
Limited Edition CD-R + Download
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