10 August 2018

'From Heart To Heart' mastered summer 2018

Hello, my dears! This is one of the best dark ambient albums by Kshatriy
mastered summer 2018! Listen now:

12 January 2018

New Release | Cold Sun

3 December 2017

Upcoming: Power Ambient Evening, 30 December 2017


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8 November 2017

Working on the new album

Fragment from the forthcoming album by Kshatriy - "Black" ... work on this sound sculpture is in full swing, but the monumentality and power of the future creation is already felt.
The physical incarnation of this work can be part of this unique offer and ...
it will launch a new boutiqu-label aimed at developing the rarest genre:
Power Ambient and preserving the tendencies of true art!!!

25 June 2017

New album: Pre-order now!

'Mind > Space > Awreness > Love' The long-awaited work from the two ambient projects from St. Petersburg: A.T.M.O.M. & KSHATRIY. Unusual for ambient music combination of contemporary electronics and classical musical instruments with an extraordinary approach. Fresh, transparent and yet dense and rich sound that has no analogues in the modern world of music.

20 April 2017

Upcoming event:

Ambient & More 3 Festival, 'Center Mars' Gallery, Moscow, 13 May 2017, Start 18:00

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3 April 2017

The Recognition Test # 61:

Podcast by Unexplained Sounds Group
Includes a track from the upcoming collaboration album by A.T.M.O.M. & KSHATRIY

30 January 2017

Discography totally updated:

Easy to use, friendly to buy:

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27 January 2017

New live video:

Kshatriy live at Dronefest 2, Place Cub, Russia

14 January 2017

Upcoming event:

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